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EverGrid Solutions & systems is specialized in consulting, engineering and services to electrical energy conversion systems connected or not to electrical networks. It also develops solutions and electronic systems for designers, builders and energy infrastructure operators.

Evergrid is especially active in the field of renewable energy such as solar and wind in order to support the energy transition that takes place worldwide.

The company designs complex systems and innovative solutions in the range from 100kW to 100MW. It promotes their deployment and use in future energy infrastructures, with the aim of making them more efficient, more reliable, more sustainable and less expensive to build and to maintain. It also addresses retrofitting or efficiency improvement of older units.

In Evergrid, the engineers work using the last recent knowledges in the field of power electronics, control systems, digital technology with the aim to participate to the extension of knowhow and experience. They can modelise and simulate complete electrotechnical systems and can design the key equipments that will bring the performance and reliability that are targeted. They can also work on site, investigate about problems, measure performance or test the equipment functionalities, bringing to energy infrastructure operators a better understanding of equipment behavior and better practices.

Evergrid searches and develops value added solutions and smart systems in order to improve the integration of renewable energies into electrical networks or mini grids, for the best benefit of users and operators.



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